hera gallery’s all-rhode island comic book show


Whatever happened to that dude who posted about comix weekly????  Well, whatever.

[Answer from David: He’s co-managing my campaign.  Yeah, that’s how we roll.  But I’ll give him the day off for this.]

This SATURDAY, July 19th is the opening of Hera Gallery’s 30 Days + 24 Hours: All-Rhode Island Comic Book Challenge/Graphic Novel Exhibition. Which consists of way more than JUST an opening — the 24hr challenge begins noon on the 19th… the official/traditional ‘opening’ reception is 6pm-9pm, and the challenge ends the 20th at noon. During those 24 hours, food will be served, music will be heard, movies will be watched, Alec Thibodeau will read comix, and a slew of random Rhode Islanders will draw them.

Hera Gallery is located at 327 Main Street, in Wakefield RI 02880-0336
401.789.1488, info@heragallery.org

To get your ass down to Wakefield, take the #66. Apparently it goes right by the gallery.

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