48-Hour Film Project

clapper Only minutes away from kick-off! About 55 movie crews are about to spread out and film a short movie in only 48 hours. Rhode Island organizer, Mike Ryan, asks all citizens to be alert and patient…

On Friday, July 18th, at 6:30pm you can expect to find a lot of Red Bull-chugging, quietly anxious filmmakers huddling about their cell phones, waiting to receive assignments that will consume their every waking moment for the next 48 hours.

At 7pm, you can expect to see them pouring out of the Garden Hilton at Providence Airport/Warwick, each with a prop, line of dialog and character name they’ll need to integrate into their work. Each will also be clutching a slip of paper, drawn from a hat, with the genre their team needs to stick to.

By Sunday at 7, they need to turn in their mini-movie masterpieces – each at least 4 minutes long and none more than 7 minutes.

Public screenings will be held at the Columbus Theater on July 23 and 24. Good luck everybody.
48-Hour Film Project

2 thoughts on “48-Hour Film Project”

  1. Greetings. Myself and two friends never did anything like this before, so we decided to give it a shot. It was fun! There’s a lot of people that want to participate in the event and we were lucky to get some great talent involved in our project.

    Keep your eyes out for “Machination” playing in Group A!

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