Want to Pre-Game for the Facial Hair Competition?

lady sideburns So, the Indie Arts Festival “Facial Hair Contest” is kicking off around 5pm in Burnside Park, which I’m so sure all my bearded exes have been preparing for since springtime.

Now, I know I’m piggy-backing on David’s post about this, but if you’re seeking inspiration for your facial hair, stop by the kickball field for the Providence Burnsiders game ’round 3pm. We’ll be playing the illustrious UGGH, always fun to watch, always fun to play.

On the UGGH side, there’s Farmer Rich’s incredible kicking abilities while wearing some sort of “body condom,” power couple Jon and Julia’s adorable matching costumes and catching abilities, and of course the team’s overall ability to play so well after eating such “strongly flavored” brownies. On the Burnsider’s end, well, that “tall, thin man” with his amazing outfield defense is in Africa or something, PDD’s Ari and Ariel are on some island being fabulous and raising hell as always, and one half of the Hurwitz sibling wonder-pair is gone, too. But there’s always DB’s remarkable insistence on chain-smoking while pitching, beasts of kickball Candace and Matt double-playin’ all over the infield, and Dan Neff’s mystical moonshine to help us along. Maybe Davey-Dave will take a break and mingle with the masses. (David, wearing military gear and playing for a team representing a Rhode Island legend can only help your chances at re-election!)

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