Naomi Klein takes it to FOX News on Off Shore Drilling

Off Shore Drilling in the Alaskan wildlife preserve–it’s a bad idea. It’s not a short term fix, because we won’t see an effect on oil prices for another 5 to 10 and as long as were looking at long term solutions why don’t we, you know, do something that’ll keep the polar ice caps from melting? Here’s my girl Naomi Klein taking it to the right-wing claptrap at FOX News. Get ’em girl!

I agree with Al Gore. We need a grassroots movement to fight against the corporate interests which have stuck us with climate change.

3 thoughts on “Naomi Klein takes it to FOX News on Off Shore Drilling”

  1. # PING Says:
    I’m trying to decide just how stupid this woman can be?

    Good question. The way to figure out the answer is to:
    1. Determine how stupid you can be.
    2. Divide that amount of stupid by three and a half billion.
    3. Assume that she’s still not that stupid.

  2. I really don’t like Naomi Klein, but there was a great “science Friday” about how much bull this ANWR and offshore stuff is.

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