Okay Scrabulous — it’s ON


Attention everybody here it is — the thing no one was waiting for because they are perfectly happy with the thing they got already. Rhode Island game and toy colossus, Hasbro, is launching its answer to Scrabulous — Scrabble at Club Pogo. I’m not big on this online stuff. I prefer the click of the tile bag and the knowledge that if my tiles suck it’s the universe conspiring against me and not some computer algorithm. I suppose it will take a little while for people to try it out and see how it compares. But what if no one bothers to try it out? I certainly want this to work. With our state economy tanking, who isn’t cheering on Hasbro (My Little Pony notwithstanding)?

Above is a sample screen-shot and right away I have a problem. I’m picturing all these people naked. And clammy? Why is he clammy?

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