Mystery of Disappearing Bees

bees Looks like compassion isn’t the only thing that’s disappearing from Rhode Island. Tonight, 7pm at Local 121, a free screening of the film “Silence of the Bees:”

A free showing of the documentary Silence of the Bees. The film provides an in-depth look at the search to uncover clues into Colony Collapse Disorder which is killing off huge populations of the honeybee. Silence of the Bees goes beyond the unsolved mystery to tell the story of the honeybee itself, its invaluable impact on our food supply and takes a look at what’s at stake if honeybees disappear. It further explores the complex world of the honeybee in crisis and instills in viewers a sense of urgency to learn ways to help these extraordinary animals. Meet with members of the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association, enjoy a sampling of local honey and foods that we would not have if not for the pollination by the honey bee.

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    For whatever reason(maybe because my wife plants bee balm)we have a healthy group (bumblebee and honeybee)in our backyard.We also got a hummingbird last summer.And nice butterflies thanks to a butterfly bush.

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