august classes @ the printshop!

Hello! the August printshop classes are now available for viewing and sign up at the online shop! go check it out: AS220 shop.

ALSO, friends! the AS220 community printshop is AIR CONDITIONED (don’t be jealous!!! just sign up for class.) For more info visit the printshop website.

Letterpress – Sundays, August 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 1pm-5pm – $85:

This course provides a quick, basic introduction to letterpress. Participants learn to ink the press, adjust pressure, adjust roller height, register and feed a sheet of paper, make an impression and then clean the press. Creating and using plastic plates in combination with metal movable type to create your own vision in letterpressed embossment.

Participants must take ALL THREE letterpress classes in order to be certified to use the letterpress during print time.

Intro to Intaglio – Saturdays August 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th, 1pm-5pm – $110:

In the Introduction to Intaglio class basic mark making skills as well as the techniques and processes of an etching press will be taught. Participants will create non-toxic etching projects on copper plates to help develop a clear understanding of traditional intaglio methods. Stage biting and resistance techniques will be discussed to provide an insight to good working habits. We will also cover ink mixing and application, plate preparation and wiping, as well as paper tearing and registration. Student’s particular interests will determine the direction of the demonstrations, and there should be time for each participant to complete at least two individual projects. This clas will run over four meetings, participants must attend all four meetings to be signed off to print in the shop.

A Book Without Words: A Printmaking Workshop for Young Adults – Monday, August 11th through Thursday, August 14th, 9am-1pm – $125:

A four day printmaking worshop open to young artists between the ages of 10-13. Each day we will explore a different technique starting with Silkscreen and Intaglio and wrapping up with linocut and stamps. Throughout the four days the young artists will work with the instructors to form a book that will be put together during the last day of the workshop. Each artist will leave with their own, hand made book and new experience with basic printmaking. Classes will be held from 9am to 1pm with an half hour break. We recommend bringing a small lunch or snack.

Intro to Silkscreen A – Tuesday, August 12th, 5pm-9pm – $35/Intro to Silkscreen B – Thursday, August 21st, 5pm-9pm – $35:

This course provides a very quick and basic introduction to silkscreen. Participants will learn the basics of the photo-emulsion process, in addition to ink mixing, how to troubleshoot the process, registration and printing methods. Students will be provided with a small supply list when they sign up for the course. Students need not take BOTH silkscreen A and silkscreen B, one course is sufficient.

T-Shirt Silkscreen A – Saturday August 24th, 1pm-5pm – $35:

Student will learn the very basics of screen-printing 1-color images on t-shirts, using the photo-emulsion process. They will also discover the best methods for keeping t-shirts flat, using the proper ink for fabric, as well as how to properly set the ink into the shirt using the hot press or other at household methods. By the end of the class, students will have produced a wearable, 1-color t shirt.

see you in school!!!! PSYCH!!!!!! see you at the printshop (way better!)!!!!!!



p.s the printshop is located at :
95 mathewson st. #210
providence, ri 02903

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