It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Mildly Revolted

end1 You know what you don’t see much these days?  Apocalyptic sandwich boards.  You know, the kind people would wear while ringing a bell and pacing the sidewalk and proclaiming that the end was nigh?

I mean, I don’t think I ever actually saw anybody do that in person, although it does show up a lot in movies of a certain era.  Generally, my days have always been relatively free of people reminding me that the end of civilization will probably arrive within the next week or so.

So it was almost oddly refreshing yesterday, to see Doomsday spelled out on a sign I passed by.  Flagrantly, someone was clearly out to shock passers-by into remembering their own mortality, and the likelihood of a very messy scenario for how we’re all going to go.  See what I mean after the jump:


DOOMSDAY, RIGHT?!  I think we have at least three signs of the apocalypse right on this very sign:  the return of Members Only jackets; Ugg boots; and, perhaps most frightening of all, Ugg boots that “WILL Remember Sell out!!!”  My only hope for humanity is that they’re not talking about the Reel Big Fish song.

3 thoughts on “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Mildly Revolted”

  1. Years ago, I briefly dated a girl who often referred to her Ugg boots and I though she meant that they were fucking ugly.

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