these guys need a girlfriend

scrabble freaksThe demand for Scrabble articles has been tremendous — people can’t seem to get enough. I’m doing my best to keep up but I’m only one person and the phone won’t stop ringing. We have new developments in this fascinating battle. Writing for Business Week, Catherine Holahan reports that heartbroken, jonesing and angry Scrabulous nuts are hacking into Hasbro’s new online Scrabble game (launched recently to supplant Scrabulous) just to mess things up.  They’re hurt, and they are lashing out. Meanwhile, back in India, the Agarwallas have not been sitting on their hands; they have already launched a new Scrabble-ish game on Facebook called Wordscraper where you make up your own rules and the tiles are round and the points are different and it’s a completely new thing this time… promise.

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