Knights Templar Want Their Name, $100 Bil. Back


For me and a few of my friends who’ve read Holy Blood, Holy Grail (um, twice) this is a pretty amazing event. For those casually interested in history, the Knights Templar are a curious footnote; liberators of the Holy Land, inventors of banking, the original “warrior-monks”, etc. For nerds, the Knights Templar were the people who smuggled Mary Magdalene and Jesus’s children out of Jerusalem and into the heart of what was to become France, intermarrying with the Merovingian royal blood and creating a royal bloodline that would threaten the Vatican’s lock on Christianity and would be gradually suppressed, murdered, and otherwise eliminated over the centuries through devious political maneuvering leading up to and after the brutal roasting of the Templar leadership and the branding of the order as heretics.

Now the feisty Knights, or those members who managed to escape the region and carry on under a vast umbrella of different organizations, (in Germany as the Teutonic Knights and in Scotland as the predecessors of Freemasonry) want their name cleared and more importantly, their stolen assets returned. Assets that could total more than 100 billion dollars and would presumably include some of the most important treasures and fortunes of Europe after the birth of Christ such as the Arc of the Covenant (see the documentary, Raiders of the Lost Arc) and of course the Holy Grail.

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  1. Am I the only one who read this and thought “Why do the Knights Templar want the hundred dollar bill?”

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