Keep Your Eye on This One

M4OL Another RNC, another “March for Our Lives.” (Hard to believe that four years ago, this was kind of how I spent my summer vacation.)

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) has completed two extremely successful and nonviolent protests during the Republican National Convention, one in 2004 in NYC, and in 2000 in Philadelphia. Another is planned this year in Minneapolis, after a month-long bus tour of poor families traveling around sharing their stories. I know I’m going to be watching how things progress on their blog.

The message of PPEHRC is more relevant than ever these days. And I gotta say, much as Cheri Honkala is a pill, I wish we had someone like her here in Rhode Island to make life hell for Carcieri and the DINOs.

Keep on keeping on, old friends. Now, if only I could find my copy of “Battle for Broad“…

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