Get Your Fargnoli Down To The Park Today

To get you in the mood for what I have to tell you, here’s a video of your girlfriend, Artemisbell, getting aboard the Fun Bus and heading out on the highway.


Ahhh, good times.

Anyway.  I live in Elmhurst, the neighborhood that nobody’s ever heard of between Smith Hill and Mount Pleasant.  There’s a lot of trees and at least one homosexual on every corner (really!) and there’s not one but two LaSalle Bakeries and in general it’s a very quiet and pleasant place to live, even if you do occasionally get woken up by neighbor-children or deranged birds screaming their tiny little dumb heads off for half an hour right outside your bedroom window.

Anyway, all summer the Friends of Elmhurst have been putting on a summer concert series in Fargnoli Park.  Fargnoli Park, in case you didn’t know, is notable mainly for two reasons.  One is that it’s directly across the street from a house that has two (2) cars parked on its tiny front lawn; the other it’s the it’s on the site of the last working farm in the city.

Unfortunately, most of the concerts in the park have gotten rained out, because this is the least summery summer ever.  But tomorrow, or today I guess, marks the series’ big finale.  Weather permitting.

I’ll be on my way to New York tomorrow afternoon (or today afternoon, I guess) so I’ll be missing out on the Big Nazo puppets, cookout, Polynesian dancers (!), dunk tank, local artisans and vendors, and something called The Fun Bus. (see above)  But you should go, even if you don’t live in the neighborhood.  Did I mention the Fun Bus?  It’s brought to you by the Friends of Elmhurst, whose mediaeval font selections make my day pretty much every time I walk down Smith Street.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Fargnoli Down To The Park Today”

  1. Jack Fargnoli

    Mr. Bernstein, or Mr. Lawrence –

    Can you rpovide any background on Fargnoli Park? e.g., when it was founded, whom it’s named after, etc. We’d be really grateful for anything you might be able to provide. Thanks.

    – Jack Fargnoli
    Juneau, AK

  2. joe bernstein

    matt-Those bird songs are a plus in the spring and summer and the crows looking for food on the crust of snow in the winter are neat too.I’ve been in Elmhurst 24 years and it’s a great unpretentious neighborhood for kids and adults.Do you have the house with the big garden display?I don’t think threre is a quieter place in the city on a winter evening.I don’t think Cicilline treats the area very well.The “garbage tax”is aimed at areas like Elmhurst-he won’t collect from students or Olneyville.

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