My main concern with today’s news is the timing.  If little Bristol’s water breaks during the inauguration ceremony those marble steps could become quite a hazard. America’s race to the bottom continues. People uncomfortable with the dreaded ‘elite’ label ought to feel right at home with the Palins.

2 thoughts on “Juneau”

  1. joe bernstein

    Keep right on with the Daily Kos style polemics.I see Obama being helped to defeat(hopefully)by such allies.

  2. I honestly don’t think that calling Palin trailer trash does Obama, or anyone, any good. There are so many relevant and much more important reasons to be horrified by the Palin choice. But her beauty pagent history or her stupid racy t-shirt or her husband’s 25-year-old DUI are not among them! Nor is this pregnancy. I am really worried that there will be backlash that will help her if people don’t stick to the things that matter. Please! There are plenty of those.

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