Screw it — I’m just gonna take credit for this one

Four years ago we passed an ordinance, of which I was the lead sponsor, requiring the city to purchase fuel efficient vehicles. (Inspired by a conversation with Tony Affigne.) Marginally enforced at times, but nice to see that it’s taken seriously now.

PROVIDENCE — Mayor David N. Cicilline is rolling around town in some fresh new wheels, and doing what he can for the environment at the same time.

Cicilline has purchased a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, a jet-black behemoth that the mayor’s driver said gets at least 24 miles to the gallon.

But his new sport utility vehicle will take a little getting used to, Cicilline acknowledged. The Lincoln Town Car he used before just looked so … mayoral.

4 thoughts on “Screw it — I’m just gonna take credit for this one”

  1. Even 24 mpg for a hybrid is awful. What’s the point? I drive a Honda Pilot SUV and it’s not a hybrid and I get 20-22 miles a gallon.

  2. you are kidding

    how appropo that the mayor’s driver needs to adjust to the new vehicle as he navigates in pvd’s narrow streets–that’s because the car is too damn big.

    the ‘hybrid’ chevy tahoe is a joke, certainly not something to take credit for. it gets 20 mpg, not the 24 mpg listed. pathetic.

    the “example” cicilline and his handlers set is:
    a. feed your napoleon complex with an SUV
    b. hollow sustainability rhetoric is sufficient

    by the way, portland’s mayor bikes to work.

  3. joe bernstein

    I think a Big Wheel would be more appropriate for the little mayor.

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