That Show At Wheels The Other Night

I made it to Wheels for the Sick Electric/Howl show on Monday and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  While Wheels is generally too dirtbaggy (and bright) for even my trashy liking, I went because I like watching gay bar types squirm* and because it’s about time somebody new decided to do something about the dearth of live music downtown.

Some pictures I took are after the jump, but since the bartender that booked the show also works at Whole Foods I thought it would make more sense to post my review in the way most people normally discuss Whole Foods employees: here.

(*Not that way.)

Note, if you haven’t before, the Miller Lite Neon Rainbow Flag.

Sick Electric.  They weren’t as loud as I thought they’d be.

Here’s a drag queen that charged a dollar each if you asked to bum a cigarette.


I’m pretty sure that last word was originally ‘FLESH.’

I hit the gin a little too hard, so I don’t remember who was wearing this awesome, awesome shirt.  But isn’t it awesome?

Above the bathrooms there’s a painted car.  Who knew?

3 thoughts on “That Show At Wheels The Other Night”

  1. Wheels is my Monday night and has been for a few months now… Noah is a great bartender and I’m super excited for Mondays to get more and more fun as he experiments with the wheels-as-a-venue possibilities!

    thanks for the photos and the write-up (and the adorable missed connection)

    and remind me to never again pay $1 for a cigarette, even if it is for you ;)


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