why are we still even having this discussion?

jail bars Proponents of the Massachusetts marijuana decriminalization ballot initiative filed a complaint stating that a coalition of state district attorneys has violated state campaign financing laws in their effort to stop the marijuana initiative.  You are officers of the court, guys — you can’t just pick the laws you like.  (More at The Boston Globe)

I don’t know why the heartland conservatives are so fearful of us liberal easterners, we seem to have no shortage of socially conservative and benighted morons, many of whom got together today to speak out against marijuana. Channel 10 has video of today’s press conference, as well as a poll which, as of this writing, is 76% in favor of decriminalization. (I hate these polls too, but…) Speaking from New Bedford of all places — a murder-y little town that you would think had its hands full — was Sam Sutter, the Bristol County district attorney, who trots out the old “sending the wrong message” message. Elsewhere, more enlightened police chiefs, judges and substance abuse counselors have decided that marijuana arrests are a complete waste of resources and benefit no one except the prison construction companies and related unions.

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