Time for the Dems to Stand UP!

ben dover Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) just wants us to trust him with this $700 billion that we are going to borrow from someone somewhere… or just print up.  According to The Washington Post, the Bush administration is resisting all oversight in the bailout plan being hammered out, including a provision being sought by Democratic leaders (and many Republicans) that “would grant the government authority to cut executive pay at firms that participate in the bailout…”. Paulson has promised to create an oversight commission of administration loyalists who will all be looking for work come January 21st… probably on Wall Street. And in a breathtaking and probably unconstitutional power grab, we have this from Maria Godoy writing for NPR,  “The language in the measure sent to Congress would make the Treasury Secretary’s decisions ‘non-reviewable’ — including by ‘any court of law or any administrative agency.” When it comes to this administration, I am continually shocked that I can still be shocked.  (More at ProJo)

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