Print Lottery: Righteous closing show/party/event!

This Saturday is pretty packed with stuff to do, and I understand how easy it is to get distracted/side-tracked/drunk. But stay focused, friend! Because the AS220’s FIRST Biennial Print Lottery Show comes to a dramatic close Saturday, September 27th, 7pm @ 115 Empire Street. It’s kind of early in your sinful evening, so you’ll still have a chance to get married or whatever at Woolly Fair and since you’re not going to bother going to the RISD Museum Chace Center grand opening anyway, that won’t be a conflict.

So! Come to the Print Lottery closing, buy a ticket for $75 if you can, and take home an awesome surprise print as a gift! From 7-10pm prints will be handed out like candy, CAKE WILL BE SERVED (for real this time) we’ll have free booze too (i THINK), but anyway there will definitely be something to put in your mouth, and from 10pm-1am some BANDS will play. How jealous are you?
Buy your ticket online right this second in realtime!!

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