Two-Face Coming to Town. . . to Fix our Health Care Crisis!

 The corporations that are jacking up health care costs, two-facecutting benefits and coverage, all while making record profits, are coming to Providence.    

PVD is one of the 10 lucky cities in the country where America’s Health Insurance Plans, the trade group for the nation’s insurance industry, will be stopping as a part of their national “listening tour,” in their noble (by which I mean half-hearted) attempt to convince Americans that they’re actually trying to fix our health care crisis. 

But Health Care for America Now believes that private for-profit insurers are a major part of the problem – denying claims for legitimate care and denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions – and that a real solution to the health care crisis has to include real serious regulation of the insurance industry to make sure that health care for people, not insurance profits, come first.

That’s why HCAN is organizing a protest outside of the event, at 12 noon Friday outside of 235 Promenade Street (the Foundry building).  Dig that old Two-Face mask out of your closet and join us in our call for quality, affordable health care for all, NOT insurance company profits. 

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