Print Lottery TONIGHT!

It’s Saturday, September 27th! Print Lottery is tonight, 7-10pm @ 115 Empire St. (AS220). I keep promising cake, and that keeps being a lie. But FOR REAL this time, there’s gonna be like, 200 cupcakes and a bunch of wicked awesome vegan cookies, I SWEAR TO YOU. Not to mention, 200+ prints, 200+ artists, 200+ WINNERS!!!!! If you haven’t already bought your ticket, you MAY be shit out of luck but there also MAY be a couple tickets sold at the door so GET THERE EARLY and bring $75!!! Or just show up for the hell of it, it’s going to be a total shit show!
If you can’t buy a ticket, THAT’S COOL, drink Narragansett at the bar tonight and all profits go to the printshop!
See you there!

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