Best $6 I Ever Spent

The Viennagram The Viennagram is now one of my all-time favorite live bands, ever.  (Notice I did not say ‘local’.)  Sorry if you missed last night’s happy, crazy party at AS220 because it was amazing.  That’s three times I’ve seen them now and they just get better and better.  I think there are more people on the stage now — I didn’t remember that other caped singer with the Keith Moon hairdo (I love you whoever you are).  Actually, I like the look of all these guys, and there are pretty girls jumping out of boxes —  the Danger Danger Birds, I believe — singing and flinging confetti.  There is much changing of clothes and running around (almost impossible to photograph, and when did the drummer end up in his underpants?).  It’s chaotic, vaudevillian, cabaret mayhem. But all of this showmanship means nothing if the music is no good… and the music totally rocks.  Wildly original songs that speed up and make everyone dance all wild and crazy.  If you have friends in the Boston area, The Viennagram plays the Middle East, downstairs, on December 13, perfect venue for … whatever this is. (More later on their opener — the glass-eating magician.)

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