Saturday Deadline — Voter Registration

providence city hall Kudos to the Providence Board of Canvassers who will keep the Providence City Hall office, first floor, open Saturday from 1pm to 4pm to get you last-minute voters registered.  And what are you waiting for anyway?  I know that Rhode Island is pretty safely in the Obama column, but don’t you want to be a part of history? Plus, it will really piss off your ultra-conservative parents!

Go to the RI Board of Elections site for details on what identification you will need.  The FAQ section is helpful (particularly if you are a recent transplant or college student). You can’t register online, but they have a pdf filing form you can fill out, print out and bring in. My thanks to Kathy Placencia in the City Hall office for replying so quickly to my email — forget trying to call on the phone.

(Not a Providence resident? The list of Local Boards of Canvassers.)

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  1. Wanna clarify — you can register to vote for president up to, and on, Election Day. But you can only vote for the other offices if you register by Saturday.

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