Is There a Doctor in the House?

Sean Thorough Like, a psychiatrist maybe. I am not a moderate person. I like things fast, loud and out-of-control… hence, my increasing mania for the Viennagram (fast and loud) and their unique opening act, Sideshow Sean Thorough (out-of-control). It was last April when I first saw this normal looking guy perform fairly appalling card tricks and utterly appalling geek stunts. At that event he drove a spike up his nose (in a recent conversation he corrected me “It’s not up really, it goes straight in.”) and had a cinder block smashed on his abdomen as he lay on a bed of nails.

Last Sunday at AS220 he could not repeat the cinder block thing as he is recovering from a broken rib. But he did run around barefoot on a bed of broken glass. He also ate a lightbulb… after carefully wiping that dusty coating off the glass… because that might be bad for you. Mr. Thorough is a particularly good fit for the vaudevillian spirit of a Viennagram show, but he plays well with others. He will be appearing this weekend at the California Smile cd release party October 4th at Firehouse 13.

A subject was selected at random from the audience. Then Sean did magic.

sean and mike

Is this your card?!!!


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