Connecticut Approves Gay Marriage

ConnecticutAs of an hour or so ago, it’s okay for people of the same sex in the Nutmeg State to get hitched, making them the third state in the nation to okay gay marriage, after Gayssachusetts and Gaylifornia.  The state’s supreme court went 4-3 in favor of the ruling, saying there was no legal justification for banning gay marriage, so I guess now we have a reason to think of the Nutmeg State as something besides Those 93 Exits of Boredom And Torture You Have To Go Through On The Way To New York.  The whole 85-page decision is online here, if you’re that bored.  As the Guardian notes, in any other election year this might just be one extra thing for the right-wing crazies to get worked up about, this year everybody’s probably too distracted by their gloomy finances to worry about what the kids are doing in Hartford and New Haven.

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Approves Gay Marriage”

  1. I’m very proud of my home state right now, though I would obviously have preferred a legislative rather than judicial fiat. This will have to do. But it does bring back fond memories of marching in the freezing rain nearly 20 years ago, when just being seen at such an event was legal grounds for firing or eviction.

    BTW, I might be wrong, but I believe it’s actually 94 exits. And it’s not all torture and boredom. There are some nice bridges with spectacular views. And if you stop in my home town, you can get some great food, including the best pizza on earth. Still, yeah, mostly torturous boredom.

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