Daily Dose Gets a Facelift

How the Operation WorksDear readers,

I hope you like our new look. It has been in the works for a long while and will hopefully make your experience even more captivating. We’ll soon be introducing a new way for all of our readers to contribute their own news and opinions. So stay tuned for more information.

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize that Beth, who many of you probably know as one of our most prolific contributors, has become our newest editor. I’m pretty sure that today marks a new and exciting era for the Dose.

As always please let us know what we are doing right or wrong by dropping us a line at tips@providencedailydose.com.

13 thoughts on “Daily Dose Gets a Facelift”

  1. @housediggers

    thanks. the link to older posts was not working correctly, but it has been fixed. i’m going to be DC sometime between now and halloween.

  2. housediggity

    Nice job, Timmy T! I really like it, way to go, as has already been pointed out it has a clean, easily readable look. Two quick comments: the placeholder banners at the top of the page makes the site look unfinished, but that’s only temporary, of course. Also, its not clear how to access earlier posts that aren’t visible on the main page. Is there a “back” button that I’m missing? Anyway, congrats, must have taken alot of work. Now you have more time to get your ass back to DC, right? – Housedigs.

  3. @marc

    The headlines are called out in red in order to allow for easy scanning of the page. Serifed letters are easy to read between because the differences between the letterforms is exaggerated. The meta data (time-stamp, categories, author slug, etc.) are set in all caps & sans-serif to give them uniform color on the page. The idea was to give all that data a unique appearance so that it can either read together or ignored together. Setting it all-caps allows it to take up less space while still being easy to read.

    The page width is fixed to prevent the lines of text from becoming too long which hampers readability.

  4. @Marc

    It is my opinion that the red white and blue text actually helps distinguish certain text from others. The headlines -red- stand out and the blue lets you know you can clicky click and go to another page.

  5. Tim, I’m no professional artist, but I was raised by two full-time artists and I’m usually the go-to guy in my department for making things read or look better. I like the new blue-and-white header, but the new -overall- appearance feels a bit disjointed, I feel like the combination of ALL CAPS, mixed serif and sans fonts, and red-white-and-blue text draw a lot of attention away from the -content-.

    I feel that stuff like the ‘filed under’ tags should be all lowercase, if anything, and author names should be in Proper Case.

    Also, what’s up with the fixed total page width? Shouldn’t the left and right columns be fixed, but the center be able to grow? I have a really wide monitor, and Daily Dose isn’t using what it could of it.

  6. umm, the word “contribute” doesn’t link anywhere. how do i post something? i posted stuff before under the old format.


  7. I like the serif headlines, but I’m not a graphic designer personally (just married to one, haha) I think the whole layout looks great, it’s nice and clean and easy to read.

  8. Um, what’s up with the names, tags, and comment info being all in CAPS?


    Also, serif fonts in the headlines? Good for print, but sort of icky for on-screen viewing.

    Just my $0.02.

  9. fantastic job I really love the new look and I really enjoy catching up on important and not so important issues and ideas on your site.
    thank you,

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