Another Reason I’m Glad Not To Have Cable

I think we all know by know how I feel about Tiffany, the woman who had a bunch of hits in the late eighties despite a total lack of singing ability, good looks, dance skills, catchy songs, or, well, anything positive, really.

So why am I not surprised that she’ll be making her reality TV debut this weekend, starring on–are you ready for this?–Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling–alongside the likes of Screech, Dennis Rodman, Ian Ziering’s ex-wife, and Trishelle from like nine seasons of The Real World ago.

If the thought of this television program horrifies you–and it should–check out the banner ad from the CMT website.  Tiffany is, I’m pretty sure, the one in the unitard with ab cut-out and arm warmers immediately to the Hulk’s left:

3 thoughts on “Another Reason I’m Glad Not To Have Cable”

  1. Annie Messier

    Gee, that list makes ME wish I had cable. At least the kind that has more channels than ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX (I believe actual superior misguided little snots do not have any cable at all, but I could be mistaken.)

  2. Jeez, why am I ranting at you? You’re a very nice person. This just makes me sound crazy. And I made a mistake. It’s ‘The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman’. I think I’m confusing it with Dobie Gillis or something.

  3. Matthew, you are not one of these superior misguided little snots who brags about not having cable so you can look down your nose at other people…. are you? Does this mean you have never seen the Daily Show? Colbert Report? Bill Maher? Flight of the Conchords? The Life and Times of Jackie Woodman? Extras?!!! I pity the fool.

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