TSA A-OKAY really crappy

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy preparing for your up-and-coming trip to Ohio and/or Florida to commit voter fraud, so as to cast your presidential ballot in a state where it actually counts. As such, you’re probably concerned that a liberal (i.e. terrorist) like yourself will have trouble getting through airport security. After all, if House Republican Michelle Bachman has her way, we’ll all be on the terrorist watchlist shortly.

Well fear not progressive voter! According to an article from this month’s Atlantic, sneaking through airport security is a breeze. The article’s author, Jeffrey Goldberg, certainly had no trouble. What’s more, it turns out TSA hasn’t even been keeping track of security passes and uniforms given to former employees, so if all else fails, you can probably get your hands on some of those. I shouldn’t be too down on airport security though, after all, they do manage to successfully x-ray my sneakers each and every time I fly.

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