Not kidding — Really do go check out India Point Park

I’ll take a break from yapping about the improvements to India Point — but the place really does look amazing right now. Wish I had some photos from the pedestrian bridge, whose best attribute (aside from re-connecting the neighborhood to the water) is its allowing for a beautiful, broad vista down the bay. It’s more pleasant yet if you appreciate the aesthetic of industry and post-industrial decay, which I think many people in this town do.

While I think the park is pretty spectacular in its current form, the new bridge also makes it clear how much grander it could become in coming years, as the highway move is completed, and, hopefully, as the Shooters area, on the western edge of the park, achieves some sort of robust public use.

(That’s a photo of the old bridge, which had its charms, and was up until a couple of years ago.)

2 thoughts on “Not kidding — Really do go check out India Point Park”

  1. joe bernstein

    The post-industrial decay aspect is nice.The view of the old wire works in EP from River Road is also impressive.

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