Hey ProJo, remember 2006? Anybody?

The Providence Journal editorial staff has apparently been drinking the Kool-aid.  In Sunday’s editorial ‘ACORN’s voting machine’ they make no mention whatsoever of the other, much more sinister and much more likely, explanation for these sudden ‘voter fraud’ claims, even though it is exactly the same series of events that caused the Department of Justice scandal two years ago. At that time U.S. attorneys were dismissed for refusing to investigate similar phony claims due to the proximity of the upcoming election (in accordance with federal law). Keith Olbermann probed this issue recently with Robert Bauer, the Obama campaign general counsel.  The good news is we have smart people taking appropriate action. In fact, our side was expecting these dirty tricks and was prepared with a response. (Hey, this Obama guy would make a good president.) But make no mistake, this is not voter fraud by the Democrats, it’s voter suppression by the Republicans, and we’ve been down this road before.


2 thoughts on “Hey ProJo, remember 2006? Anybody?”

  1. Right you are about my capitals (we have smart readers, yay). I was struggling with some new technology last night so I’m afraid my style suffered a little.

  2. I am SOOOO cheezed at CNN for their BS coverage of this story. Why is it that only Olbermann and HuffPo make the New Mexico connection?

    A small editorial point – In your final sentence, Democrat and Republican should be capitalized. Your construction indicates that it’s not fraud from the supporters of democracy, but suppression from those who favor a republic.

    But, really, you mean the political parties.

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