Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant Charrette Follow-Up

I didn’t realize my post about voting would stir up such a brouhaha from District 7 over the weekend–especially with certain people posting multiple comments using different names (ahem!)–but those of you who live in the Giannini/Ward battleground might be interested in attending the Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Charrette Follow-Up Meeting Thing tomorrow evening at Robert F Kennedy Elementary School on Nelson Street.  (That’s the one sorta behind LaSalle Bakery.)

I posted about the charrette back in March, after sitting through three days of flip charts and putting stickers on things that we thought were important, and listening to people complain about all the graffiti on Pleasant Valley Parkway, and getting dripped on by melted snow leaking through the roof of Triggs, and having one woman get really condescending and rude when she found out I lived on a street that was mostly multi-family houses (which was particularly annoying, because I don’t.)

The meeting starts at six.  Don’t be surprised if there are confusing activities and/or retired politicians there to remind everyone what a great job they did twenty years ago.

2 thoughts on “Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant Charrette Follow-Up”

  1. joe bernstein

    “Retired politicians?”Are you tryiong to test the readers’ gag reflexes?

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