Nazis Don’t Know Who To Vote For This Year

Imagine for a moment that you are, for some reason, a white supremacist.  And there’s an election coming up in a couple of weeks, and your two candidates are a half-black liberal and a pro-Israel conservative.  What do you do?

That’s the trouble faced by Bill White (pictured with the sweat stains over to the right there), head of the American National Socialist Workers Party, who was profiled in the New York Times yesterday in an optimistic article about the lack of racist extremism in this year’s election.

If you were wondering how Nazis are doing in America, you might not be surprised to learn at the major issues White says the supremacists are facing:  “There’s a real problem,” Mr. White said in the interview last month, “in what’s called the ‘white movement.’ One, there’s a lot of people who are just mentally ill, and we deal with those a lot. No. 2, there are people who have serious sexual problems.”

White, if you were wondering, has other things to worry about now; he’s currently in jail for making threats against a juror in a 2004 hate crimes trial.

[via Susie Bright’s Blog]

2 thoughts on “Nazis Don’t Know Who To Vote For This Year”

  1. joe bernstein

    These shitbirds usually wind up killing each other in internicine disputes,or getting caught molesting a kid,or snitching on the other nitwits to the FBI.
    Then there are the occasional real serious demented ones like the guy years back in Seattle who wiped out a family named Goldmark(the father Peter Goldmark was a local politician)because their named “sounded Jewish”.Turned out they weren’t,but they still became victims.

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