How’s this for Nightmare Fuel

(I’m regretting this picture already… it’s very disturbing.) However…Dose friend, Kim Ahern, is my new favorite Providence College alum — Janeane Garofolo moves down one. I don’t know any others.  Kim is one of the ’30 on 30‘ subjects in this week’s Phoenix, commenting on life in Rhode Island for the anniversary issue.  I just think it’s so cool that she was a delegate to the Democratic Convention this year, even if the Senator from New York did screw them out of their moment in the sun (and they were seated fairly near the sun) still awesome.

One of the questions The Phoenix asked was “If you could invite three Rhode Islanders (living or dead) over for dinner who would they be?”  She and nearly everyone else named Roger Williams.  He’s more popular dead than I am alive. Not one person said Shanna Moakler or Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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