No More Bottled Water

Kudos to Mayor Cicilline and the following restaurants for their enlightened thinking regarding bottled water. According to the ProJo,

Cicilline and the owners of five local restaurants announced yesterday that they are joining national efforts to curb the use of bottled water.

The owners of Providence establishments Local 121, Benders Caffe, the Hot Club, Trinity Brewhouse and the Garden Grille in Pawtucket announced that they will offer customers tap water, not bottled water.

Cicilline said he will sign an executive order on Tuesday phasing out the use of single-serve plastic water bottles in city government. Some larger bottles will be allowed in some buildings where the pipes are old, he said.

Buying bottled water, which is frequently tap water from other cities, is a total waste of your money and harms the environment in many ways.  I’ve gassed on about this before.  Stop thinking about it — just do what I say.

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