The Politics of Dancing

Apparently I was mistaken when I thought that former L’Trimm singer Lady Tigra was the only one singing optimistic political songs in this fretful election year; her ode to Michelle Obama is flawed, yet wonderful anyway because it’s more about the American psyche and less about, say, war and our impending environmental downfall.  Or economic downfall.  Or whatever.

Anyway, I don’t know why you’d want to dance around for half an hour to clunky political rhetoric, but Los Angeles-based DJ Paul V disagrees and I’m sure some of you Obama enthusiasts will too.  His Obama megamix, featuring Ratatat, Jay-Z, the Crystal Method, and a bunch of other people, is here and also here, if the first link doesn’t work.  Okay, I admit some of it’s kinda funny, but at this point I’m ready to start digging an underground bunker so I’d rather not be dancing.

2 thoughts on “The Politics of Dancing”

  1. Hi,

    Appreciate the link but also would have appreciated a “NSFW” warning for the link as well. I know that we’re all grownups here, but sometimes a bit of a warning helps.


  2. Hey!
    Thanks for linking up my “Obama Megamix”. I did try to keep the vibe happy, dancy, and kind of fun – but at times serious. Yet hopefully: inspirational!

    And speaking of The Lady Tigra, she was on my radio show this past Saturday night, and she sang “First Black, First Lady” live. I love her track!

    GO OBAMA!!!
    DJ Paul V.

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