Karin Andersson To Release Solo Album

The exciting news that Karen Dreijer Andersson of Swedish duo the Knife will release a solo album early next year is as good as reason as any to spend this whole dreary day watching Knife videos.  The reclusive, camera-shy Swedish duo put out some of the most consistently weird and awesome videos of the last decade.  Like this one, for the song Pass This On:


(It’s also worth seeing this clip of them doing it live on Swedish TV.  The brother-sister duo, it should be noted, refused to perform live until 2006, although holy crap was it awesome when they did.)

More after the jump:

Here’s You Take My Breath Away, from Deep Cuts, their second album:


Here’s 2003 single Handy-Man, from the soundtrack to a movie called Hannah Med H.  To this day the song and the video make me laugh:


Here’s Rock Classics, also from Deep Cuts:


And Marble House, another one of my favorite videos ever.  The song and album (Silent Shout) won six Swedish Grammies that year:


And here’s the American version of Marble House, which, though unnecessary, is also awesome:


Finally, Like A Pen, the last single they released before going on hiatus:


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