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Gay_wedding_cake We’re one week out from the Nov. 4 election and the polls are tightening. What once seemed like a sure thing, now looks in danger of slipping away. is calling it a “toss-up.”

I’m talking about California’s Proposition 8, a measure that would amend their state constitution and abolish over 11,000 same-sex marriages in America’s third-biggest state. The “Yes” folks are gaining; the No on Prop 8 campaign needs your help.

Why contribute to defeat a California ballot initiative? For one, it’s the right thing to do. The legal, secular institution of marriage should not be subject to religious abrogation (see: First Amendment). And the moral argument particularly falls to pieces when you consider that heterosexual couples don’t consider marriage all that sacred anyhow. Political issues are rarely so cut-and-dried. In Providence, a city that has a gay population 75% higher than the national average, California’s fight should be near and dear to many of our hearts. This is a flashpoint. To allow Prop 8 to pass would be huge setback in the struggle for marriage equality, and loss for us all.

You can donate here.

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