David Macaulay at RISD Tonight

Oh my God, cracked-out old people.  SHUT UP.  So your kids are trampy!  We get it.  You don’t need to tell the whole effing library about it…

Anyway,  David Macaulay’s going to be at the RISD Auditorium at 6:15 tonight.  Get there early if you want an aisle seat (which, if you’re taller than 5’2″, you will.)  I’ve never heard the man speak, but learning a little bit about his meticulous process would surely be worth it.

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  1. So much was made of the Chihuly show and the opening of the new wing of the museum, that the Macaulay exhibit maybe got lost in the hubbub. It is stunning. The sheer volume of his body of work is unbelievable, and it’s beautiful. (Sorry you got stuck next to my parents in the liberry.)

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