Protest Governor’s tax-cut fantasy

This is swiped from Peter Asen, at RIFuture: The Governor just fessed up to his hopes of eliminating the income tax and completely undermining the progressive currents of RI’s tax code — which fail to countervail its regressive tide — effectively forcing increases in sales and property taxes:

As Pat wrote below, the Governor doesn’t think the state has cut taxes for the wealthy or shifted enough of the taxpaying to the rest of us enough – now he wants to get rid of the income tax and make up the revenue through the regressive sales tax!

Enough is enough! Come protest the Governor’s tax-shifting schemes tomorrow, Thursday October 30, from 8:00am-8:30am at the State House.

Join us on your way to work to make a statement that we won’t let Carcieri talk about “cutting taxes” as a way to shift who pays them.

Email peter (at) oceanstateaction (dot) org for more information.

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  1. I’m from Tennessee originally. People there who live close enough to the state line will drive to other states to shop for groceries. There’s even one grocery store where the parking lot is in Chattanooga, but the store itself is in Georgia. Given how close everyone in RI is to the state line, it is utter foolishness to think that RI residents wouldn’t drive a few minutes to the border states to avoid paying sales taxes on food. Yet another idiotic idea from Carcieri.

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