The lamest night for a Halloween…

ImageIt’s best when All Hallows’ falls on a Wednesday, because you end up with a full 10 days (two weekends) of spookiness. Friday might be the worst night for a Halloween — it can bleed a day forward, but festivities are firmly contained within the long weekend, with no room to breathe.

But we’ve got to work with what God’s given us — and so here’s how the holiday opens:

  • Our lonely, loyal advertisers at the WBNA kick things off tonight, with their Ghouls’ Gala.
  • The Century Lounge exists for a sec, to hold their Halloween Bash. (They’re deciding whether to stay open on a more permanent basis.)
  • If you’re looking for a real chill down your spine, your best bet is to check out this evening’s wrap-up of the Planning Department’s charette, where Thom ‘The Grown Up‘ Deller will present his plans for downtown. (We hear he’s working a racket that has him selling the whole city to Johnson and Wales — for one dollar.)

I’m sure our listings will grow throughout the day and weekend. You can add your own over here.

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