Sustainability Show!

Sustainability Print Show!
The opening is this SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 2008 from 4-7pm at The AS220 Main Gallery space, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903. It’s also FREE!
Print Show by Just Seeds Visual Arts Cooperative & Thirty+ RI Artists, including (but not limited to! and possibly inaccurate in some instances!):
Mary Tremonte, Josh MacPhee, Bec Young, Pete Yahnke, Meredith Stern, Dylan Miner, Colin Matthes, Erik Ruin, Beatrice McGeoch, Raphael Lyons, Cybele Collins, Michaela Colette Zacchilli, Mike Taylor, Monica Majewski, Scott Noise, Delia Kovac, Tim Patterson, Jenine Bressner, Jola Bielat, Meg Turner, Xander Marro, Caroline Paquita, Jen Daltry, Amber Schulz, Andrew Oesch, Sarah Ryan, Jean Cozzens, Will Schaff, Lu Heintz, Erin Rosenthal, Shawn Gilheeney, Ben Fino-Radin, Anna Shapiro, Jomas Daconceicao.
Come thru! Bring snacks or whatevs, I think its gonna be potluck styleeesssss!!!!!! Suckah!

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