5th annual Halloween Parade!!!

There’s a group of a dozen or so of us who’ve insistently held a Halloween Parade each of the last four years. The path varies a bit: Sometimes we find ourselves being escorted away from the State House, sometimes we provide entertainment for janitors fasting outside of City Hall. Sometimes we set off with a destination in mind, but last year’s parade ended early, with pots of pickles all around, at Local 121.

We always take over the Skybridge, which is more pleasurable with each year of increasing bougification of the Westin.

And there’s a consensus that next year is the year that we finally do right by Poe and Lovecraft and Buddy and Bobo (and Lou over there) and make sure the parade is all it can be, establishing it for generations to come.

So if you care to be there, before it was it and there was there, you should join us tonight, as we march.

6pm promptly, at the First Baptist Church. To the Iron Pour, via the Skybridge.

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