Youth In Action Holds Election Night Pool Party

Do you want to watch while playing free pool and helping out Youth in Action, a great Providence youth organization?

November 4

Snooker’s Pool Lounge
145 Clifford St
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 351-7665

Stop in for an hour, or less, or more. Bring friends, regardless of who you or they are voting for. The election is going to be intense this year, to say the least.  So why sit home alone and watch it when you can be with friends, meet new people, and support a good cause?

Cover is $15. Free pool, appetizers, door prizes, and multiple TV’s to watch live election coverage (you’re on your own for drinks). Funds go to support YIA!

About Youth In Action:
Since its inception, Youth In Action (YIA) has been driven by young people – their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate, and their need for positive change.  Founded in 1997, YIA provides Providence youth with pathways to success by integrating leadership development opportunities, community-based action projects, mentoring, and academic assistance – while also changing the community for all youth.

YIA serves as a unique and safe space where youth can voice their opinions and experiences, and are given the trust and respect to creatively apply their talents. Youth members are trained and supported to play key leadership roles in YIA’s governance and operating structures, making up the majority of YIA’s Board of Directors and running all its programs.  Over the past ten years, YIA members have reached more than 11,000 of their peers with HIV/pregnancy prevention, street outreach, violence prevention, and multi-cultural events.


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