Caffee break

Sooner or later we all end up posing in front of the electric company.  Tonight is the opening episode of the third season of Showtime’s ‘The Brotherhood’.  It’s shot entirely in Rhode Island so that is very cool, but I watched the first hour of this show and couldn’t really get into it.  The drama of corrupt snow-plowing contracts eludes me and how come I never bump into Jason Isaacs?  And where are all these Irish people supposed to be living anyway?  Maybe I should get out more. I’m up to my pupik in Jews over here at the Dose, I’ve probably lost my perspective.

3 thoughts on “Caffee break”

  1. Your right, painfully boring…….just as boring as the oh so important crowd at last night’s “Brotherhood Party” downtown………tried to fantastic my way in…… but “they” said NOoo,NOoo,NOooo… I put the italian “ma-lor-kia” on them and skipped my way up washington street to another watering hole instead. that I’ll teach em’!!

  2. While it is fun to watch random episodes and figure out where they were shot, this is a painfully boring show. It doesn’t really seem like a premium cable offering in terms of the writing, storylines and dare i say, the acting?
    This looks like something that would be suited for CBS on a tuesday evening rather than something that requires a showtime subscription.

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