The Time is Here, The Time is Now.

When difficult times arise, I find it comforting to turn to the words of the great American poet, Bob Dylan. Tonight I think back to High Water from Dylan’s Love & Theft album, where he said: “High water risin’ – risin’ night and day, all the gold and silver are being stolen away…Things are breakin’ up out there – high water everywhere.” On the eve of what may turn out to be the most important presidential election in history, I can think of nothing better to say about the current climate and the possibility for change. Arguments can be had about how we got here, but there is no room for disagreement about where we are. The big question remains however, where do we go from here?

Change. Although it may be cliche, it rings true at this time. Hope. Another word that is thrown around in campaigns, but at this moment seems wholly appropriate.

This country is tired. We are desperately in need of a plan to get the hell away from where we are. At this time the choice to me is clear. We need to elect Barack Obama tomorrow and in resounding fashion. The everyday people of this nation need to rise up and speak to be heard. Place your heart where your voice is and shout from the hilltops. We cannot afford to continue heading in the direction that we’re going, for there is nothing but despair around the corner.

We deserve better than what we have been given. Mistrust is rampant. Abuse is commonplace. If this is truly a representative republic, than let our votes reflect our beliefs. Our generation is poised to make our mark and tomorrow’s election can give us the platform to express our strength and validate our existence.

Please be there for your brothers and sisters. Get to the polls and cast your vote for change. I implore you to make your voice count. Vote for Barack Obama and welcome the possibilities.

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  1. Angela Dziok

    Excellent points, very motivating. Thanks for being the voice of so many of us with the same common thought.

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