Whoa, hold on there Cheech…

… it ain’t legal yet. I don’t want any ‘students’ going off half-baked and sparking up a fatty in the Darlings’ parking lot. The Massachusetts marijuana initiative has a few more hurdles to clear before becoming law. And if I may speak to those DA’s who stood before the news cameras a while ago in opposition to the decrim initiative — congratulations, your job just got easier.  The job of a prosecutor isn’t to chalk up wins, but to do justice.  In that pursuit, you represent the people, and the people have now spoken (65% in favor of the initiative according to The Boston Globe). Why do people still cling to these unfounded fears of wildly escalating pot consumption?

The opponents, who include the governor, attorney general, and district attorneys around the state, argued that decriminalizing marijuana possession would promote drug use.

Ask yourselves — is the only reason you don’t do heroin because it’s illegal? People who want to smoke pot are doing it already.

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