Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ

evil-santaThere are only forty-nine days left until Christmas, but don’t worry:  B-101 has already switched to their incredibly tiresome all-Christmas format!  And they’re not calling themselves B-101 anymore; now they’re Christmas-101!  Get it?

While I generally only listen to the station when I’m a) getting my teeth cleaned or b) in the car with my parents, I think I can safely say that even James Taylor isn’t as drecky as the hateful version of Sleigh Ride that they’re playing right now.  I think I’d probably toss my holiday cookies if I found out how many times they’re going to play this terrible song between now and about halfway through Christmas Day.

Unrelatedly, while flipping through the radio stations, I just heard that the uber-lame Hinder, who are mysteriously popular but who I can’t even bring myself to link to right now, will be playing at Tazza next week.  What?!

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  1. Hinder at Tazza? I know you’ve already said this, but… What?! (They really are loathsome.)

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