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How To Kill A RattlesnakeI just announced the winner of Not About The Buildings’ first-ever fiction prize over at the website. (Actually, I posted the winner on the website on Monday, then got too busy to send the e-mail announcement, and then didn’t want to announce it yesterday because I figured all of America was thinking about the election. So, belatedly, I’m announcing it now.) The winner is Providence’s own Emily Brown, a children’s librarian whose story, How To Kill A Rattlesnake, beat about forty other entrants for the award. Judge Rachel Cohn called it a great story with an original voice.

The story’s going to be published and sold around town for the holidays, and everyone you know would reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally love getting it for the holidays. Well, up to fifty people you know, anyway, because it’s a super-limited edition that I’m hand-pressing myself. The cover may or may not look like the picture on the right there.

6 thoughts on “Not About The Buildings Fiction Prize”

  1. Stacey Anter

    I totally agree with Chris and Annie. This contest was a fun trial for me. I can’t wait to read Emily’s story, so save me a copy, too, please! I hope PPL orders at least one copy. Librarians rule!

  2. Emily Brown has also knows how to kill a mouse. She’s famously anti-vermin.

  3. Annie Messier

    Chris took the words out of my mouth : )
    Ditto, and congrats to Emily Brown!

  4. Chris Curley

    Thanks for doing this. It was fun to participate, even if I didn’t walk away with the win. Great work! I hope you’ll do more stuff like it in the future.

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