Complex Readings For Your Friday, I Mean Saturday, Evening

WHrayjackieAda Books, which recently moved from Dean Street (around the corner from White Electric) to Westminster (a couple of doors over from White Electric), hosts a weekly-ish poetry series organized by the great Kate Schapira.  It’s called Publicly Complex and it does wonders to patch the massive black hole in Providence where readings ought to be.

At the Dean Street location, the events were often full, to the point where one would occasionally find oneself standing on one leg with arms crossed, hoping not to tip over.  I had also seen people sitting in the showcasey windows to listen.  Now that the new location’s got more room, hopefully people can spread out a little bit and not trip over each other to get to the wine and cookies.

On tonight’s tomorrow night’s agenda, Adam Golaski (Worse Than Myself, Oh One Arrow) & Ken Rumble (Key Bridge).  Golaski’s the horror editor of New Genre magazine and is currently presenting his own translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  Rumble, meanwhile, is a poet and author of Key Bridge, a collection of poems about Washington, DC.

[Rumble, incidentally, is the one on the far left of this picture, which I found Google Image Searching him; it’s sixteen years old and probably is not representative of his poetry (if it’s even a picture of the same Ken Rumble), but I never turn down an opportunity to showcase quality flower girl dresses.]

Publicly Complex
Ada Books
717 Westminster St
7 pm

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