‘Gross National Happiness’ On The Rise

Gross National Happiness…in Bhutan.   In my mind, utilitarianism is still the most legitimate guiding principle for governments — you know, trying to do the stuff that makes it easier for people to lead rich, fulfilling, happy, lives.

While GDP is a piece of the puzzle, it’s far from the complete picture — it’s a means to end, rather than the end in its own right.  And it correlates to happiness to varying degrees:  GDP is probably a better indicator of ‘GNH’ in a country with an equitable distribution of wealth than in one riddled with inequities, in one with industry that doesn’t pollute than in one that does, etc…

It’s nice to see this stated as a guiding principle in burgeoning democracy.  (Info on how GNH is measured, here.)

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  1. yes, except the way of calcultating GNH is bullshit– and heteronormative, being as it’s based on marriage rates. besides, there’s no way of quantifying happiness.

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