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dunce There is absolutely no public humiliation at the Wild Colonial Tavern pub quiz — only your teammates have to know that you thought NAFTA was mosquito repellent.  All answers are written down on pieces of paper and handed in, more or less anonymously. Thing is, nobody cares. You are there to have fun and drink draft beer and if the chicken nachos are on the menu, eat that.  Questions come in a variety of categories like current events, movies and sports — so you are bound to know something.  You must know something, right?  There is also a music category with 12 or so audible snippets designed to drive you bonkers.  Fun prizes for win, place and show.

8pm, 250 South Water Street, 621.5644, free parking, wheelchair accessible

3 thoughts on “Pub Quiz tonight”

  1. joe bernstein

    LOL-I have never watched a daytime soap-I really have no idea how I came up with Susan Lucci.

  2. Annie Messier

    Thanks to Joe Bernstein for covering our butts on all the important questions last night, like the daytime soap actress one. Actually, we may have been the only team that got “Miss Black Rhode Island,” too : P

  3. Thank god for the music section or I would be booed out of the room with my score.

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